Pastor Joshua Jalandoon

Pastor Joshua Jalandoon is no stranger to Christ Our Saviour Church, which has been his home church since he was a child. It was here at the COSC Exodus Youth Group that Josh first came to truly know and understand the person and work of Jesus Christ.

After giving his life to Christ, Josh followed God’s call on his life to pursue youth ministry and help awaken this new generation of youth to come to know and experience the grace of God in Christ Jesus. For the past two years, Josh has served as a youth leader and now presently leads a youth ministry team as the youth pastor of Christ Our Saviour Church. Josh also serves as a worship leader at COSC.

Josh graduated from Moody Bible Institute in May 2011 with a degree in Historical Theology.  Josh has been blessed with parents Ariel and Sonia Jalandoon, three siblings Rebecca, Sarah, and Daniel and “adopted” grandparents, Pastor Sofronio and Leonie Gemoto (Pastor Sofronio was the Founding Pastor of COSC, now retired).